Cyber Liability Insurance

Protecting your business against the implications of a data security breach.

Breaches of your online data or hacking of your network are both fast growing risks that can affect all businesses, regardless of size.

If you trade online, or even if you just store your customer’s data on a computer with an internet connection, you are at risk of Cyber Crime.

As the world becomes more internet dependent, more and more businesses hold data on their customers as well as information about their company, which could be at risk from hackers, cyber criminals, or even inadvertent loss or misuse of data by your own staff.

As well as dealing with unsatisfied customers and potentially having all of your business information known by somebody else, Cyber Liability can be fraught with legal procedures.

This could all be without the use of your website, or programs meaning you have to stop trading. Ellis David is an experienced Cyber Liability Insurance Broker and can provide you with the right tools and assistance should your online data be breached.

Our experience and attention to detail means that that we work closely with our insurers and are able to get the best rates possible to pass on to you.

Our Cyber Liability Insurance includes:

Breach Costs

In the event of a breach there are a lot of government rules to follow, including the notification of your customers. This can help cover the costs of any advice or legal action you wish to take.

Includes forensic investigations and legal advice.



A cyber breach could cause your business to temporarily cease trading.

Compensation would typically include fixed business overheads such as rent, wages and bills. It can also compensate for loss of business income while the company is not able to trade as normal.


Claims from Customers

Having a data breach will mean extra work for you. But if you have accidentally compromised a customers’ personal details, there’s a likelihood they will hold you accountable. We can provide cover for this.


Reimbursement for Costs

When a cyber breach occurs, you will almost certainly have to repair or restore your website, programs and/ or other electronic data. Sometimes even replace your systems.

This can be costly, so having the proper insurance can off set the costs of this.

We can provide you with the resources to mitigate and understand your cyber risks to help you prevent them, and how to deal with them should they occur.  Cyber Extortion cover can help with the costs of this. 

Who needs Cyber Liability Insurance?

More often than not, Cyber Liability is excluded from your Public Liability Insurance, so Cyber Risk Insurance is a must for any company if you:

  • hold sensitive customer data such as names and addresses, credit card details or banking information
  • are dependent on computer systems to conduct your business
  • have a website
  • have a payment card merchant services agreement

If so, then your business could be interrupted by cyber crime.

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