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What are the benefits of working with a High Net Worth Insurance Broker?

Finding the right level of insurance cover and the right policies for standard home insurance is a difficult task. With high net worth policies it can be even more confusing. You want to ensure that you have a full understanding of your insurance policies. That is where we step in. Our job as a high net worth broker is to help you every step of the way, offering you clarity and advising you on what is best for you from an insurance point of view.

As your broker, we will be there to help you source the correct cover to match your exact requirements  and explain things clearly to you

What exactly is High Net Worth Home Insurance?

For those who live in larger homes, or have contents, fine art, antiques, jewellery or collections in the home which would cost more than £100,000 to replace,  a high net worth home insurance policy is often the most cost-effective and beneficial way to cover your possessions.

High Net Worth Home Insurance can include: 

  • Buildings Cover – Cover against the cost of having to rebuild your home in the event of a fire, flood, accidental damage or storm.
  • All Risks Cover – Cover for your possessions whilst at home or whilst temporarily removed to anywhere in the world.
  • Fast, superior Claims Handling – The high net worth home insurers on our panel have won awards for their claims service
  • Individual Items of High Value Included – With no need to specify individual jewellery items valued under £10,000, nor fine art and antique items valued under £10,000  the team at Ellis David can work with you to provide cover with increased single article limits of up to £50,000, meaning you won’t have to individually list all of your fine art items below this value.

To ensure you have adequate cover for your high-value items, you should have them professionally valued every three to five years. This will ensure adequate payment in the event of a claim and can protect you from fluctuations in market value 

Why use Ellis David as your High Net Worth Insurance Broker?

We are proud to be a very experienced team who go the extra mile to understand a client’s specific situation and then match insurance products accordingly. Some of the main things you should know about us are below. 

A truly personal service

We take the time needed to understand your needs and requirements. We already work with multiple high net worth clients with unique requirements and also offer generous discounts to those who have multiple policies with us. 

99% retention rate

We are proud to have a 99% client retention rate. This is down to our dedication to customer service, great pricing, discounts on multiple policies with us and renewal date pricing reviews.

Excellent pricing

Because of our strong relationships with over 100 insurers, we have access to excellent pricing across thousands of insurance products.

If you would like to speak with a member of the High Net Worth team at Ellis David then please contact us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Frequently asked questions

What is High Net Worth Home Insurance?

High net worth home insurance is insurance designed to cover multiple things such as high valued fine art, antiques and jewellery items. This will fall under a HNW home insurance policy

It covers residential property and/or the contents within them, including collections of fine art, prestige cars, jewellery or fine furniture and furnishings.

Why Do I Need High Net Worth Home Insurance?
If you own valuable property that has high spec fittings, fine art and jewellery then you will require bespoke cover so that the property has the right protection in place. A standard home insurance policy will likely have a maximum limit on valuable items. Inner limits apply to standard home insurance policies unless specific items are declared. If not declared, claims may be denied and your policy voided.
Why Do I Need To Value My Contents?

With your policy, you may need to provide an accurate valuation of your possessions, as underestimating them could mean facing a shortfall in the amount that you get back in cases of damage or loss. This means you have enough coverage to replace any stolen, lost or damaged items. Failure to declare items could result in a policy being voided and no payment for the claim.

To ensure that your policy is accurate, you should have jewellery, fine art and other possessions included in the policy valued every three to five years. It’s incredibly important to ensure these valuations are up to date so that, should the worst happen, you get a true replacement value.

How Much Will High Net Worth Home Insurance Cost?
The cost of high net-worth home insurance will depend on the level of cover required. Our policies are carefully and closely tailored to your needs and the risks you may face.

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